Management and Leasing of Singe Family Homes

Property Management Well Done!


One of our three main areas of management services is Single Family Homes. This is the most often requested property that renters are looking for. It also requires the most hands on time. Aside from our normal duties, we are often tasked with working with the Home Owners Assocation to limit infractions that sometimes arise. Depending on the HOA we tackle everything from overgrown lawns, pruning of landscapes to keep them in tip top shape, to making sure no unauthorized activities occur on the premises. This includes something as simple as making sure cars are not parked on the street, if this is not allowed, to having cars towed away that are inoberable. We rarely have these issues since we make sure to get the rules and regulations from the HOA, pass them on to the tenant and if the rules change, we make sure they are aware of that too.

The majority of the single family homes are managed to maintain or increase the value of the home as the real estate market continues to recover. Our clients are mainly home owners who either couldn't sell and recoup their investment and had to move out of the area for a job transfer or moved for one reason or another. Some intend to return to the home after a year or two and some will sell when the market is right. Other times, people see what a good investment and tax savings vehicle rental properties are and decide to hang on to them even after the value of the home has rebounded. 

Our goal is to keep your property at the highest market value possible, with minimum expense required to ready the home to sell or to move in the next tenant, whichever is your goal. Ask us how we do this. We are happy to give you all the details from our 60 day inspections, to tenant screening, to drive by inspections and through our neighborhood pals. 

Call us today at 919-833-4880 for a complete list of what we do and ask us if there is something special that your home requires, I'm sure if we don't already do it, we certainly can modify our action plan to make sure you have peace of mind that your home is going to return to you in excellent condition. 


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